In a company FRIENDS'TIME we believe:

 - In a legend about Cinderella; 
nIn friendship and live social network;
 - In relations in which it is interesting
and funny to have a good time with your friends;
 - In the individuality of our friends, expression of their
 - Here our friends feel themselves like in their own coffeehouse.
In a company FRIENDS'TIME we value:
 - Teamwork, active life position and the ability to achieve a result;
 - Charisma, openness, honesty, diligence and responsibility;
 - The development together; 
 - Profitability, stability and success. 
In a company FRIENDS'TIME we believe:
 - in the future of our large FRIEND - the Earth and that everyone can make the world better!



1.Our coffeehouses are a fashionable place, where you can feel yourself like in a foreign city.
2.In our coffeehouses one can conduct informal business meetings.
3.In FRIENDS’TIME warm relations, friendship and care from barista are always waiting for you.
4.Here you can easily meet and flirt with those whom you like. You can wide your circle of communication.
5.Here you can cheer up or kick back in a way that you like.
6.We know your name and your preferences.
7.In FRIENDS’TIME you can find fashionable desserts and beverages  collected from all the world.
8.We provide a platform for your performances and creativity.
9.We provide regular price campaigns.
10.We provide a loyalty program for you.